Take note of the blood soaked bucket in the bottom left corner that also appears to be filled with intestines. This makes people squeamish, and apparently it also makes them upset. Who would’ve guess that this would happen?

In my previous article about games with stunning graphics, I mentioned that I had been writing a different article about... something relating to censorship and all that. I’ve done that one before, and I feel like I’m probably going to keep doing it until the end of time because I think its a ridiculous ongoing debate that should just disappear and let developers do whatever the hell they want, its an entertainment medium for christ sake. But I ended up tossing that whole thing out the window because it got radically off track. And from its ashes has arisen this new article about the fact that I absolutely love foreign developers more than I love domestic developers(domestic in my case being North America.).

I could go on all day about why I love Japanese developers, but it really just boils down to the fact that nothing is truly off limits to them in their home market(As of late, that cannot be said about their games when it comes time to localize them for the North American market, though this seems to mostly be a Nintendo issue I’ve noticed.). European developers on the other hand just do not seem to give a shit about political opinions and your personal opinions when they conflict with the game they’re making. There are two very recent examples of this, and they are why I opted to write this article instead(It’s much more focused actually.).

So lets start off with an article about the upcoming Witcher 3 expansion, Blood and Wine.

And this particular quote from it:

“We could try to censor those things and shy away from them, but it’s an adult game and adults are playing and we shouldn’t baby them by telling them what they can and can’t see” - Jamie Bury, Senior Animator at CD Projekt Red.


This guy freaking gets it. People of all ages play video games. This particular game, The Witcher 3, is rated M for Mature by default and is intended for adults. They aren’t going to censor its content to try and sell it to a wider market, or to appease certain individuals who are offended by it or disgusted by it, and they aren’t going to look at the politics of another country and let that have an impact on their game. This is the game they made, and this is the game they’re going to sell everywhere. And we’re talking specifically about a game that was not a guaranteed financial success. The Witcher 3 was more like CD Projekt Red’s big break after the success of The Witcher 2 got peoples attention. The icing on top of all of this is that CD Projekt Red has demonstrated that it is a developer that wants to do right by gamers and not scam them in every way possible.

And following that up is this little nugget that a friend sent me:


Ignore the term SJW in the title of the... well its not an article, its an imgur image of a Twitter exchange between some random offended people(Or maybe not because someone said they spotted a guy from Polygon in there, so not totally random.) and Daniel Vavra, the founder and lead developer on the kickstarted indie title Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The goal of the game is to be as historically accurate as possible when depicting medieval Bohemia, a place that Daniel knows very well because he actually lives around these places and was taught the history and has done his research. He knows what is and is not correct about medieval Bohemia, so for someone to claim to know more than he does is bold(And completely laughable because they failed so hard at it.). This is a great example of a group of people who want to push a political agenda on video games without even having a good reason for it(Especially in this case where the game is intended to be historically accurate and history says that your political argument has no place. That must suck when history itself tells you to go screw off.). Daniel stood his ground and defended the game they were making. I also had to laugh when one guy tried to report him, which honestly just ended up going to Daniel because he’s the founder of Warhorse Studios. I’m also probably going to be laughing hysterically when people find out that women were treated poorly in medieval times, then bitch and moan because they’re self-proclaimed progressive people and demand that history be retconned because they’re outraged. Daniel isn’t going to apologize on behalf of history and he sure as hell isn’t going to apologize because someone got their panties in a bunch over fictional characters in a fictional, but historically accurate, piece of entertainment.

So buckle up kiddies, because this game is gonna be filled with blood, assorted gore, vulgar language, probably dirty uncesored sex, and non-revisionist history.